About Us

At GHI, we're focused on the finer things: exceptional diamonds and the details that define them. Our staff is dedicated to discovery. Over the last decade, our gemologists, researchers, and scientists have worked behind-the-scenes — studying, creating, and publishing new protocols to address all aspects of diamond identification, including the very latest technologies and enhancements. Today, we not only continue that work. We've expanded it, by introducing modern, consumer-centric reports and services.

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GHI's legacy as a research laboratory puts us at the forefront of gemological evaluation. Our staff includes GIA- and FGA-graduates, color specialists, clarity experts, and cutting-edge researchers with advanced degrees in chemistry and physics. Working together, they refine scientific techniques, monitor industry trends, and bring the best of their collective experience to every analysis and every customer.

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Laboratory protocols include multiple independent gemological analyses. Each diamond is examined and verified by a minimum of three in-house gemologists. Reports and results are completely objective, and reflect the highest standards of integrity and clarity.