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GHI Digital Diamond Reports to Feature Interactive 3-D Imaging

360° View of Stones to Be Provided by DiaCam360 Technology

May 24, 2016, New York, NY — GHI Gemological Laboratory announced today its digital reports for loose white diamonds will include interactive 3-D video imaging. Each GHI digital report will offer a 360° color view of the stone. This view will provide additional insight about the diamond's features for wholesalers, retailers, and consumers alike. The video will be generated by state-of-the-art DiaCam360 technology. A sample report is viewable here.

GHI is currently the only independent gemological lab to offer this kind of 3-D video imaging in its digital diamond reports. The videos will be accessible via these reports on RapNet and other industry platforms (for the trade), as well as GHI's own website, www.ghigemlab.com.

"This technology takes GHI's reports to a new level," said Deborah Jakubovic, executive manager of GHI. "The interactive videos can give everyone in the purchase process a better idea of what we might see through a lab loupe. This more personal perspective can be a great tool, especially for online buyers and sellers."

"This is a game-changer," added Haim Volner, CEO of DiaCam360. "GHI is the first independent gem lab to include DiaCam360 interactive images in its reports. For anyone who wants objective information, the marriage of GHI's analysis and our imagery is a match made in diamond heaven."

GHI plans to introduce additional reports, services, and resources in the coming months.

GHI Gemological Laboratory Reports to be Listed on RapNet

Digital and Printed Reports Now Available

April 19, 2016, New York, NY — GHI Gemological Laboratory, a consumer-centric lab specializing in the identification and evaluation of loose white diamonds and white diamond jewelry, announced today that its diamond reports will be listed on the industry's largest diamond platform, RapNet. This development is the latest expansion of GHI's presence in the marketplace. Diamonds with GHI reports have been available since 2015 in US retail stores and online.

In addition to the information available soon through RapNet's view and report check functions, GHI digital diamond report listings will link to high-resolution, color diamond images. These images will enhance the buying/selling interaction by providing greater transparency in clarity grading, observations, and diamond identification.

GHI also issues cut grade reports to highlight premium round and princess cut diamonds, with ideal as the superior grade. These reports, and diamond and hearts & arrows diamond reports, are available in both print and digital formats. Additionally, GHI issues reports for diamond jewelry.

For consumers, GHI will soon release an enhanced version of its digital report, with features designed to make gemological data easily understandable. The lab's growing collection of consumer-focused resources includes All About Diamonds store displays, printed guides, an online diamond glossary, and a direct email connection to lab staff, "Ask a Gemologist." Consumers can also check issued report numbers and view sample reports at www.ghigemlab.com.

"At GHI, we continuously consider how we can support each level of the industry chain," said Deborah Jakubovic, executive manager of GHI. "What do wholesalers and retailers need to know to meet the needs of their customers? How can we help them communicate? And how can we help consumers feel comfortable about their purchases?"

Jakubovic continued, "Our mission is, of course, to provide expert, objective reports. However, the work of a modern gem lab goes far beyond the typical four Cs. People rely on us for skillful identification, deep gemological knowledge, and our ability to cut through clutter — to create clarity of information for everyone in the purchase process. As part of RapNet, we plan to bring that clarity to a broader audience than ever before."

GHI plans to introduce additional reports, services, and resources in the coming months.